Landscaping is one of the few home improvement projects that increases a property’s value and marketability more drastically than any other. There is a slew of noteworthy advantages to landscaping. Property values can be increased by 14-20 percent by landscaping, according to national research. The value of a home might be increased by 12.4 percent if it has a modest planted patio. Adding hedges and landscaping the curbs can increase the value of a home by as much as 3.6 percent and up to 4.4 percent, respectively. Landscaped properties, on average, sell six weeks sooner than those that aren’t.

In the long run, it’s worth it

Landscaping can benefit even owners who have no plans to sell their homes in the near future, if at all. Of course, having a beautiful landscape helps to make a house feel more like a home and provides a place for the family to enjoy some time outdoors. Increased seclusion and security can be achieved by landscaping a property.

There are also financial advantages to landscaping. The cost of heating and cooling can be reduced by a well-designed landscape. Insulating hedges and shade trees near windows that get the most solar exposure can reduce heating and cooling energy usage by close to 20%.

Landscaping by a Pro

Landscape design has the ability to increase your property’s value by 20% and reduce your energy consumption by 20%, but only if it is properly designed, installed, and maintained. Landscape design and maintenance may be a challenge for even the most dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Landscaping requires a trained eye and extensive knowledge of plants, location, and the surrounding environment to achieve the greatest effects.

In order to ensure that your home’s landscape is functional and gives the maximum value for your investment, you should hire a professional landscaping firm. The best way to protect your landscape investment is to hire a professional landscape maintenance company. A professional landscaper’s fee is a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing landscape components that were badly installed or maintained.

Choosing the Best Service Provider

In the same way that you would choose an investment banker or stockbroker, you should take the same care in selecting a landscape architect or designer. Having a landscaping business doesn’t automatically make someone qualified to suit your demands.

Landscaping services have three major considerations to keep in mind when making your choice. To begin, look for someone close by. It’s fine to use national chain services, but if you want to know exactly what plants grow best where you live, you’ll need a local. Full-time service is also recommended. For example, you wouldn’t use the services of a stockbroker who worked full-time as a dentist and just traded on the weekends. An experienced full-time landscaper ensures that you are working with someone who is fully qualified and competent in this field. Check that the service you are using has insurance. Accidents happen to everyone, even the pros. You, your assets, and the money you’ve invested are all better off with insurance.